7 Truly Awesome Caribbean Cruises

7 truly awesome Caribbean cruises

With all the luxuries and facilities to not miss life on the mainland, Caribbean cruises allow you to enjoy fabulous trips on spectacular ships. Best of all, they operate almost all year round and the places they visit are paradisiacal. Get to know them in this article.

The best Caribbean cruises

Cruises are gaining more and more fans and, next to the Mediterranean, the Caribbean is one of the preferred areas for those looking to travel and enjoy all services at the same time. Cruises are like a big city that circulates on the high seas and takes you to various ports.

Best of all, there is no need to worry about meals, transfers, or children’s entertainment… it’s all included! The activities are so many that some of us may not be able to do them. If you are thinking of enjoying a different vacation and if you want to discover the beauty that the Caribbean hides, you will love any of these cruises.

1. Disney Cruise Line

Disney Caribbean Cruise
Christian Lambert / Flickr.com

In total, the fleet is made up of four vessels, which ply the ocean stopping at paradisiacal islands: Barbados, Cayman, etc. In these destinations, travelers can enjoy bike rides, stingray diving, and much more.

Inside the cruise there are swimming pools, jacuzzis, water slides (including the four-story-high AquaDuck that runs through the entire ship and gives you the feeling of flying). And all, of course, wrapped in Disney magic.

2. Silversea Cruises

This option is for those looking for more “exclusive” services. The ships of this firm sail through a less popular area and dock in the ports of Bonaire and Iles des Saints.

Perfect to escape the hustle and bustle and find tranquility among wonderful natural landscapes. In addition to excursions on the islands while sailing, you can enjoy the spa, restaurants and the large terrace with spectacular views.

3. Royal Caribbean International

Caribbean cruise
Costin Constantinescu

It is one of the best known Caribbean cruises, since only in this area it offers a thousand different itineraries. You can hire the one you like the most and have a great time during all the days of the crossing.

The gigantic ships are equipped with all kinds of entertainment and services, including swimming pools, zip lines, climbing rocks, hot tubs, theaters, discos and more.

4. Carnival Cruise Lines

Caribbean cruise
Karagines /Flickr.com

They are known as “Fun ships” or “fun boats” because in addition to taking you through beautiful areas of the Caribbean they also ensure that you have guaranteed fun the entire trip. For example, they include water parks, casinos, miniature golf, children’s clubs, and much more. They sail the Cayman Islands, the Bahamas and Jamaica, where they spend a day snorkeling, lying in the sun or sipping a cocktail.

5. Regent Seven Seas

This cruise takes us to the most beautiful Caribbean islands and is also considered one of the best in terms of services and infrastructure.

Best of all, it lets you choose free excursions when you arrive at any of the ports along the way : island hopping, sea lion encounters, glass-bottom boat sailing, and more. Inside the ship, there are also swimming pools, wine tasting, mini golf course and even digital photography courses and culture programs.

6. Celebrity Cruises

Cruise in the caribbean
Romolo tavani

These cruises have an unbeatable service according to users and take you to almost all the main destinations in the Caribbean Sea. You can choose various activities both at sea and on land. In the latter case, for example, there are 4 × 4 safaris, visits to tea and coffee plantations, diving and much more.

7. Crystal Cruises

Within the world of Caribbean cruises,  this company is recognized for the services and atmosphere on board (including the decoration and the treatment of the staff). Guests can enjoy the Caribbean in a glamorous way… like a celebrity.

The itineraries are diverse and one of them includes Curaçao and Saint Lucia. While on board you can take different courses (languages, jewelry) and enjoy live shows like those on Broadway.

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