7 Towns In Badajoz That Must Be Visited

7 towns in Badajoz you must visit

In the southwest of Spain, right on the border with Portugal, there is a province of Extremadura that stands out for being the largest in the country. We are going to visit some of the most beautiful towns in Badajoz with a more exciting history. Do not miss it!

What towns in Badajoz to visit?

With 170 municipalities and many of them charming, it is a bit difficult to choose just a handful of towns in Badajoz. This little list is just to get you started. Are you ready?

1. Merida

Roman theater of Mérida
Roman theater, Mérida – Iakov Filimonov

Mérida is, without a doubt, the most famous town in Badajoz. A place of millenary history where you will enjoy admiring jewels such as its Roman theater. A beautiful enclosure built between 16 and 15 BC and that still fulfills its function.

But in Mérida there is much more to see, from the amphitheater to the Roman bridge, the temple of Diana or the aqueduct of San Lázaro. A real live history lesson.

2. Jerez de los Caballeros

Jerez delos caballeros, one of the most beautiful towns in Badajos
Church of San Bartolomé – MIGUEL GARCIA SAAVEDRA

Another one of the must-see Badajos towns. At the time of Arab domination he was known as Xeris. It was conquered by Alfonso IX of León in 1230 with the help of the Templars and achieved renown in the Renaissance.

It is an important baroque-style artistic center in Extremadura. It has a large number of religious monuments: churches (of San Bartolomé, San Miguel, Santa Catalina), hermitages (of San Lorenzo, Santiago, San Roque) and convents (of San Agustín, Madre de Dios, de la Funny).

3. Albuquerque

Alburquerque Castle
Albuquerque Castle – PHB.cz (Richard Semik)

In the middle of the Sierra de San Pedro and very close to Portugal, Albuquerque has an extensive municipal area that is home to mountains, moors, holm oak meadows and several rivers and streams. The history of the town has always been linked to wars (especially with the neighboring country).

Among its tourist attractions, the Castillo de Luna, from the 13th century, stands out. Its walled enclosure, 10 meters high and with several defensive towers, is also a jewel. There is more: the medieval Gothic quarter, the Azagala castle, the churches of Santa María del Mercado and San Matero and the cave paintings of Risco de San Blas.

4. Harvest

Palace of the Dukes of Feria in Zafra
Palace of the Dukes of Feria – chiqui

In the southwest of the province, it is one of its most important destinations and has always stood out due to its location (well connected with Mérida, Seville, Córdoba and Huelva).

If you visit Zafra, you cannot miss the Grande and Chica squares (the latter is one of the oldest buildings and was the place where the market was held), the town hall, Sevilla street, the Palacio de los Duques de Feria and the church of Santa Marina, among other attractions.

5. Medellin

Medellín, one of the most beautiful towns in Badajoz
Medellin – Eduardo Estellez

Founded by the Romans (a theater from that time is still preserved), it is one of the towns in Badajoz that we must visit if we are fans of ancient history. This town was very important in the Middle Ages.

The places of interest in Medellín are the castle, the bridge over the Guadiana river (from the 17th century), the church of Santiago, the doorway of the Portocarrero Palace and the Plaza de Hernán Cortés.

6. Fregenal de la Sierra

Fregenal de la Sierra, one of the towns of Badajoz
Fregenal de la Sierra – Arild Helgeland / Flickr.com

In ancient times it belonged to the kingdom of Seville. Within its great historical and artistic heritage we can highlight the Templar castle (it is believed that it dates from the 13th century).

Also interesting are the food market and the church of Santa María, with an altarpiece from the 18th century. And you have to walk through the Santa Ana neighborhood, with its manor houses, such as the palaces of the Counts of Torrepilares, the Marquis of Ferrera and the Marquis of Riocabado.

7. Llerena

Llerena, one of the most beautiful towns in Badajoz
Llerena – Fotoeventis

In the South Countryside, it is one of the most beautiful towns in Badajoz. Its history begins in Arab times. Then it was reconquered by the Order of Santiago in 1243 and place of residence of their masters.

With an old center declared a Historic-Artistic Site, the main attractions of Llerena are the wall, the Plaza de España and the church of Nuestra Señora de la Granada. Not forgetting the Santa Clara convent, the Zapata palace and the Episcopal Palace.

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