7 Ideas To Prepare The Perfect Barbecue

When it comes to preparing meals, you can be very original even on a barbecue. How? Let’s give some ideas.
7 ideas to prepare the perfect barbecue

Preparing a barbecue to enjoy a day outdoors with our friends or family seems easy, but preparing an original barbecue that leaves everyone speechless is not so easy. We give you 7 ideas to achieve it and make it a success. Are you signing up for the best plan of the summer?

1. Think of the barbecue

Electric barbecue

The first thing to think about is barbecue as such. If you have a grill it will also work for you, but the best option is an electric barbecue. These types of barbecues do not cause as much smoke as charcoal ones and allow you to cook several dishes at the same time.

2. Set a theme

One way for your guests to remember your barbecue (besides the food, obviously) is by organizing a whole themed party around it. A Hawaiian or Ibiza party are great ideas and easy to organize.

Find a suitable decoration, create the menu according to the theme, ask your guests to be dressed in a certain way and… voilà !

3. Flee from the traditional on the plate …

Barbecue food
moerschy / Pixabay.com

When we think of a barbecue, chorizo, bacon, sausages come to mind … It is the classic, the success, but also the boring thing. And as someone who does not risk does not win, flee from the typical and choose different products that, although a priori may seem otherwise, have a place in our barbecue.

Bet on different dishes that surprise your guests.  They can be razor clams instead of the classic prawns, asparagus with romesco (a sauce made from tomato, garlic, peppers and almonds), corn on the cob, chicken cooked in different ways, and even fish like swordfish … it occurs to you that it is different.

Remember, also, that you must make sure very well if there are any guests with allergies, intolerances or that they do not consume a specific food for another reason. This way you will make your menu much better and avoid that some of your guests are left hungry or feel uncomfortable because they were not taken into account.

4 … and also in the glass

The most typical thing about barbecues are frozen cans of beer to accompany the wait for the dishes to be cooked, but why not bet on other different things?

Beer is great, plus it takes away the heat and helps fight the wait in the sun, so you don’t have to ditch all of them. You can choose imported or craft beers so that it is not more of the same.

But you can choose other types of drinks, such as cocktails. We suggest the Pimm’s ,  an English drink with gin and aromatic herbs that is taken with soda, a slice of cucumber, a few pieces of strawberry and a mint leaf and ice, so it is very refreshing. Or the Negroni sbagliato , originally from Italy and made from Campari, red vermouth and a sparkling wine like a cava.

5. Don’t forget the companions

Vegetable barbecue
Juergen / Pixabay.com

Since you have thought, decided and innovated with the main dishes and drinks, don’t forget to do the same with the side dishes. You can prepare dozens of different small dishes for all your guests to try different things, and thus also take into account potential vegetarian or vegan diners.

Take advantage of seasonal fruits and vegetables and make, for example, simple watermelon gazpacho, sweet corn cakes and tomato salad or vegetable kebabs .

6. Set the table

Escape, again, from the preset and organize a barbecue, for example, cocktail style, in which the guests are not seated around a table.

Look for cutlery and crockery that is different and fun and do not hesitate to use plastic plates and cups, since they are much more comfortable when it comes to collecting everything. In addition, now there are not only the typical whites, but supermarkets and department stores offer us dozens of different possibilities.

7. Keep children in mind

It is very important to think of all the guests, even the little ones. Think of a game they can play or prepare a corner for them to be in, paint, and so on. This way they will have fun while the parents relax and enjoy the food.

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