7 Curiosities Of The Alhambra In Granada

7 curiosities of the Alhambra in Granada

Any famous monument that is third hides secrets that not many know. The Alhambra in Granada is not just any monument, it has a lot of history and is an icon of Spain. Therefore, we wanted to share with you some curiosities that will surprise you. Are you staying with us?

1. Curiosities of the Alhambra in Granada : its name is full of color

Patio in the Alhambra in Granada
The Alhambra – Marques

The Alhambra is a name that comes from the Arabic ‘al-hamra’ which means ‘the red one’. It was built as a fortress and was given the name ‘red fortress’ because of the color of the brick that the Arabs used at that time.

There is another speculation regarding his name, and it is that it could be the feminine of Abu al-Ahmar, which means Red. This was the conqueror of Granada lands and was easily recognized by his red beard. It was, on the other hand, who ordered the construction of the Alhambra in Granada.

2. It’s a sundial

It is the largest sundial in the world. It was built with the characteristic that anyone who lived there could know what day it is depending on how the sun enters the rooms.

And the shadow that was created in these would determine what time of day it was. Thus, while on one side of the palace the rooms were in the sun, the others were full of shade.

3. Why was the Patio de los Leones made?

Patio de los Leones in the Alhambra in Granada
Court of the Lions – Cezary Wojtkowski / Shutterstock.com

Lions have never been a symbol for the Arabs, but rather for the Romans. Would you like to know why the Court of the Lions was built? Well, we don’t know.

There are many things that are known about this wonderful font, such as that there are twelve lions, which could mean that each one represents a sign of the zodiac. The ends of the courtyard are placed according to the four cardinal points and there is also an inscription that mentions the temple of Solomon. Do you see any relationship between all this?

What is clear is that the source was a review of the power that the sultan had, due to the references made in the courtyard to the source of life and the four rivers of paradise that is spoken of in the Koran.

4. He witnessed a massacre

Hall of Abencerrages of the Aahambra
Abencerrajes room – kompasstudio

Although everything seems peaceful inside the Alhambra in Granada, this was the scene of a massacre in the Abencerrajes room. This lineage was known to create riots and be traitors.

Muley Hacen discovered one of them climbing a wall to meet clandestinely with his beloved, who was of the royal lineage. The sultan took it as an unforgivable offense and slaughtered the 36 leading members of the abencerrages.

5. Do you know that you can conquer Granada?

Legend has it that of the four gates in Granada, the gate of Justice is the one that gives power to govern. However, it is said that there was no knight who could touch its peak due to its greatness. So if anyone could touch its top with a spear, it would be the new ‘sultan’ of Granada. You want to try?

6. It was the tomb of Isabel la Católica

The Alhambra – Marques

Moors and Christians have little to do with it, but here was the tomb of Queen Elizabeth. She was so in awe of the palace complex that she asked to be buried there anonymously. However, Carlos V later decided to move it to the cathedral of Granada.

7. It was given, not conquered

Boabdil surrendered to the pressure of the Christians and ended up giving in and ‘giving away’ his most precious treasure. His mother, who served as first lady, was not proud of her son’s attitude.

In his flight, when they were going near the city through a place known today as El Suspiro del Moro, Boabdil sighed when he admired his precious Alhambra in Granada for the last time and his mother reproached him in this way:

Do you need more reasons to visit the Alhambra in Granada? It is a spectacular complex with a thousand stories to tell.

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