7 Corners Of Spain That You Cannot Ignore

7 corners of Spain that you cannot ignore

Spain is full of incredible places, which seem out of a fairy tale and are worth visiting. Some are well known and others barely mentioned, but in any case these are corners of Spain that you cannot ignore.

Pay attention, we visit 7 wonderful places that you must visit sometime in your life. Ideal places to enjoy a getaway.

1. Hondarribia, Basque Country

Hondarribia, Gupúzcoa - Nicolas Vollmer / Flickr.com
Hondarribia, Gupúzcoa – Nicolas Vollmer / Flickr.com

Hondarribia is one of those corners of Spain that have a lot of charm.  It is located in Gupúzcoa, on the banks of the mouth of the Bidasoa.

If you are looking to enjoy the best gastronomy, Hondarribia has incredible restaurants and bars in its beautiful streets, some classified as the best in the region.

This authentic architectural gem  invites you to lose yourself in its streets, where time seems to have stopped.  When you visit this charming town, you will surely want to return.

2. Selva de Irati, Navarra

Irati forest in Navarra
Selva de Irati, Navarra – holbox

In the list of the corners of Spain, we have the Irati Forest, located to the north of Navarra. It is  an extensive birch forest of  about 17,000 hectares that remains almost untouched.

It surprises with a red soil and surroundings of different shades of green. It is worth putting on your boots, taking the camera and enjoying the unique sensations that only this place can offer you.

This environment is perfect to disconnect  taking photos, hiking and enjoying a landscape that you will not find anywhere in the world.

3. Beach of the Cathedrals, Galicia

Las Catedrales beach at sunset
Cathedrals Beach, Lugo – Aravakense / Pixabai

Aguas Santas Beach, better known as Las Catedrales Beach, is located on the coast of the province of Lugo,  in Mariña Lucense.

This impressive beach is a natural monument that takes its name because its rock formations are similar to the flying buttresses of Gothic cathedrals. It is, without a doubt, one of those corners of Spain that you cannot miss.

These impressive rock arches sculpted over centuries by the force of the Cantabrian Sea will leave you in awe. You can walk through them, go under them and witness the magical force of nature.

4. Cudillero, Asturias

View of cudillero
Cudillero, Asturias – Jose Luis Cernadas Iglesias / Flickr.com

Fourth on the list of the corners of Spain that you should know we find Cudillero. It is a picturesque fishing village, located in the western center of Asturias, on the erect slopes of three mountains that surround the city like an amphitheater.

Its houses of a thousand colors invite you to lose yourself in its narrow streets, appreciate its hanging houses, stroll through the port or taste the catch of the day in the different catering establishments in the town.

You cannot miss the viewpoint route by  taking walks to the lighthouse, La Garita, La Atalaya, El Pico, etc.

5. Valle del Jerte, Extremadura

Cerexes in bloom in the Jerte valley
Jerte Valley, Cáceres – soyluiz360 / Pixabai

The Jerte Valley is one of those corners of Spain that is still little known, but that all its visitors fall in love with.

It is located in the north of Extremadura and during the flowering of the cherry trees it is one of the most beautiful landscapes that you can find in Spain. It is wonderful to see how the entire valley and the mountainsides are covered by an impressive blanket of white flowers.

6. The Caves of Drach, Balearic Islands

Inside the Drach caves
Cuevas del Drach, Mallorca – Michal Kosacky / Flickr.com

Continuing on the list of the corners of Spain we have Las Cuevas del Drach. It is a set of four caves located on the eastern coast of Mallorca, near Manacor.

They are more than 2.4 kilometers long and reach 25 meters underground. During the visit you can take a journey of about 1200 meters, where you are taken to the Martel underground lake and you can listen to a live classical music concert.

Undoubtedly, one of the aspects that will surprise you the most is  the display of lighting effects that evokes the sunrise inside the lake and the stalactites molded by the drops of water. A beautiful experience that you will never forget.

7. Ordesa National Park, Aragon

Ordesa Valley Landscape
Ordesa Valley, Huesca – holbox

The Ordesa National Park is located in the Huesca Pyrenees, it has more than 15 thousand hectares of surface and the highest waterfall in Europe.

If what you are looking for is nature, this corner of Spain has everything:  deep valleys, high mountains, lush vegetation, turquoise rivers, waterfalls, etc.

Although it is difficult to choose a single place, we must highlight the route of the Añisclo Canyon, the Pineta Valley and the famous Cola de Caballo waterfall, which can give you excellent moments of enjoyment.

These are just some of the beautiful and charming corners of Spain that you cannot ignore. Have you already visited any of them?

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