6 Incredible Motorcycle Routes Through Castilla Y León

Spectacular landscapes, charming towns, monuments … These motorcycle routes allow you to discover the best of Castilla y León.
6 incredible motorcycle routes through Castilla y León

Castilla y León, due to its large size and geographical diversity, offers two-wheelers an ideal place to enjoy it to the fullest. Here there are roads full of curves where you can lie down to your knee and others that are straighter to enjoy the scenery in peace. We are going to know some motorcycle routes through Castilla y León. Get going and enjoy!

 Motorcycle routes in Castilla y León

Being the community with the most provinces in Spain, Castilla y León is a paradise for motorcycle lovers. A land of contrasts where valleys, forests, plateaus and peaks accompany an exceptional gastronomy and a unique cultural heritage. All this will make your trip unforgettable. Do you dare to know them?

1. Arribes del Duero-Sanabria

Llago de Sanabria
Sanabria Lake

Our first motorcycle route through Castilla y León crosses the provinces of Salamanca and Zamora. The path begins in the charro countryside, in Ciudad Rodrigo, passing through fortified towns and monuments that preserve the history of the land of Salamanca.

The first stop will be, when crossing to the province of Zamora, Fermoselle, where we invite you to rest next to its walled enclosure. In the province of Zamora, our journey continues, where we will see beautiful floral ecosystems and an important monumental heritage.

Arriving at the end of our route, we will find a very special landscape that will notify us of our arrival at Lake Sanabria, the largest natural lake in the Iberian Peninsula and one of the largest in all of Europe.

2. Pure Castile

Urueña – Jose Losada – Photography / Flickr.com

The second of the motorcycle routes through Castilla y León could not be other than that of Castilla itself, the deep Castilla, the province of Valladolid. In it we will  cross landscapes and monuments that will remind us of the battles of the past and the traditions that are still in force.

This 235 km route  will allow us to know the town of Caballero de Olmedo, where its Mudejar Park will leave us speechless. We continue ascending north to find well-known places such as Medina del Campo, Tordesillas or Urueña, which could not be missing on this Castilian route.

The historic Urueña or the Fuensaldaña fortress, which for years was the seat of the Cortes de Castilla y León, are mandatory stops to understand and contemplate the pure Castilian landscape.

3. Castles of Castile

Coca Castle
Coca Castle

Battlements and towers, castles that dominate the horizon, this route will allow us to know the fortresses of the province of Segovia. We can admire the charm of a landscape full of battles and feats.

With almost 200 km, the route starts from Segovia capital and crosses municipalities such as Cuéllar, Chañe, Coca, Navas de la Asunción or Santa María la Real de Nieva, to end again at our starting point. And without a doubt, you could not miss a good dish of suckling pig, the typical dish of the province.

4. Hoces del Duratón

Sickles of Duratón
Hoces del Duratón – Neticola Sny / Flickr.com

The Segovian capital once again becomes the starting point of the route. During this journey, we will see unique landscapes and roads full of culture and history. Clear examples are the town of Sepúlveda, the castle of Pedraza or the Alcazar of Segovia itself.

The end of the route surprises anyone, since the ecosystem that we will find will be that of one of the most unique natural spaces in Spain: the Hoces del Río Duratón.

5. The Camino de Santiago and La Maragatería

Ponferrada Castle – Elentir / Flickr.com

This route through the province of León has 115 km during which we can find unique places and experiences to remember. Also known by pilgrims, on this route we will depart from León to reach Astorga. There we can visit its famous Roman Museum, the imposing Episcopal Cathedral or perhaps rest contemplating its Plaza Mayor.

Continuing the route, Castrillo de los Polvazares and Foncebadón are important points on this road, which reaches Ponferrada. These municipalities will show the biker how spectacular the Bierzo region is.

6. Black Lagoon

Black Lagoon in Soria
Black Lagoon – Rosa Fernandez Rz

An interesting 145-kilometer route opens up around the Urbión river, in the province of Soria, which is quite a challenge. The path begins in Soria and continues through the town of Vinuesa to reach the Laguna Negra Natural Park, an environment of singular beauty where we will find extensive pine forests and large lagoons.

Then we will visit Covaleda, Duruelo de la Sierra and Navaleno, until we reach the town of Abejar, where we will finish the last of our motorcycle routes through Castilla y León. In it we will have discovered the rich historical heritage that Soria hides, such as the monastery of San Juan de Duero or the hermitage of San Saturio.

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