6 Essential Things To See In Sardinia

6 essential things to see in Sardinia

Located in the Mediterranean, this island belonging to the insular sector of Italy is a delight for all our senses. For this reason, we want to tell you what places you have to see in Sardinia, an island full of treasures. It is also one of the largest regions in the country and, at the same time, one of the least populated. A true paradise!

If you are a lover of the beach and the sea, if you want a perfect place to rest on your vacation or to escape the continental cold, this island is ideal for you. Among the cities, towns and attractions that must be seen in Sardinia, these are highlighted.

1. Cagliari

Cagliari, one of the places to see in Sardinia
Cagliari – Sean Pavone

It is the capital and largest city of the island, the place where cruises and flights from Europe and other parts of the world arrive.

Among the sites of interest in Cagliari , the castle of San Michele stands out, located at the top of the city, fortified and built in the 14th century for the nobility. Also worth seeing is the Roman amphitheater, which dates back to the 2nd century and had a capacity for 10,000 spectators.

More places of interest in the city: the bastion of San Remy (with the most beautiful views of the city) and the San Benedetto market (the largest in Italy, open on Saturdays).

Of course, don’t miss the beautiful beaches of Cagliari, including Poetto, to the east of the city and 7 kilometers long. Includes beautiful coves.

2. Sassari

Sassari one of the towns to see in Sardinia
Sassari – Gabriele Maltinti

More and more tourists are choosing this town to visit during their stay in Sardinia. It is located in the north of the island, on the so-called “Costa Smeralda”. We recommend that you make the first stop in the old part, where remains of the wall and the castle are preserved, built in 1330 and of which only 6 of the 36 defensive towers that it originally had remain.

In Sassari you can also visit the Cathedral of San Nicolás, the Doge’s Palace, the Rosello fountain, La Marmora street with its palaces and bourgeois houses and the Archaeological Museum.

3. Alghero

Alghero, one of the places to see in Sardinia
Alghero – karnizz

Without a doubt, it is another of the cities to see in Sardinia and that allows you to travel to medieval times without stopovers. From the moment it belonged to the Crown of Aragon, in the 13th century, until it became a fishing village. Being small in size, tourists choose to spend a day touring it.

The main attractions of Alghero are the towers and the wall, the Cathedral of Santa María, Humberto Street, the cloister of San Francisco, the port and the Museum of Diocesan Art.

4. Neptune’s Grotto

Neptune's Grotto, one of the things to see in Sardinia
Neptune’s Grotto – jasomtomo

Very close to Alghero is one of the best known caves on the island. It is located at Cape Caccia and inside you can see stalagmites and stalactites of several million years.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to walk through some of its corridors, reach underground lakes and admire different limestone formations. It can only be visited with an official guide.

5. Archaeological sites to see in Sardinia

Santu Antine site in Sardinia
Santu Antine site – Emiliano Pane

In Sardinia there are different sites of great archaeological wealth that are open to the public. One of the oldest is located 11 km from Sassari and is called Ziggurat Monte d’Accordi. It is a pyramid-shaped structure formed with large blocks of stone.

The Anghelu Ruju site is near Alghero and has 10 necropolises and 21 houses carved out of the rock; the Nuragic Village of Palmavera offers us houses and wells from the 14th century BC; and Santu Pedru is a necropolis belonging to the Ozieri culture with remains of houses and common spaces.

6. Olbia

Olbia in Sardinia
Olbia – Macrolife

Another city that you must see in Sardinia if you are a lover of history, although not so old. It was inhabited by the Carthaginians and later by the Romans. The gulf that surrounds the city is beautiful and, due to its location, Olbia is a very popular tourist destination, on the Costa Smeralda.

Here you can visit the Acquedotto and Nanni routes (with remains of the wall and some Roman houses), the Cathedral of San Simplicio (built in the 11th century), the Archaeological Museum and Corso Umberto I (the nerve center of the city, with old alleys).

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