5 Things You Can Do On The Island Of San Martín

It is a small Caribbean island that belongs to two countries. A perfect paradise to enjoy and forget about everything.
5 things you can do on the island of San Martín

The island of San Martín is a beautiful island located in the Caribbean Sea, east of Puerto Rico, whose northern part belongs to the French Republic and the south to the Netherlands. We are going to propose some of the best things that can be done in this heavenly place. Do you dare to know them? We promise you will not be disappointed. 

1. Get to know Maho beach

Princess Juliana Airport on the island of San Martin
Princess Juliana Airport – alljengi / Flickr.com

Maho Beach is one of the most famous in the world. And it is located a few meters from the runway of the Princess Juliana International Airport, so that bathers can see the planes passing a short distance from their heads. Quite an experience, especially for aviation enthusiasts.

Apart from that, Maho Beach is quite narrow, which makes it difficult to sunbathe; and it has a lot of current to be able to enjoy the bath comfortably. Although for the reason we’ve just seen, none of this matters much. The main thing is to enjoy and immortalize one of the most amazing skills that can be witnessed.

2. Visit Philipsburg, capital of the Dutch area of ​​San Martín

Philipsburg on the island of St. Martin
Philipsburg – Naeblys

The city of Philipsburg is in a privileged enclave, as it is situated between the Great Salt Lake and Great Bay Beach. The first is composed of salt water and serves as a reflection of the government buildings; while the second can boast of having transparent and warm waters, as well as fine white sand.

This is where the Maho beach is located, which we already mentioned. In addition to it, you can enjoy  Little Bay beach, perfect for bathing and disconnecting from the routine. Or the peak of Paradise, which, with a total height of four hundred and twenty-four meters, is the highest point of a series of hills that extend across the island of San Martín.

3. Go scuba diving on the island of Tintamarre

Isla Tintamarre on the island of San Martin
Tintamarre Island – Tjss99 / Flickr.com

One of the most remarkable activities that can be carried out on the island of Saint Martin is scuba diving, both in the French and Dutch areas. One of the best places to practice it is the island of Tintamarre, a protected marine reserve. In it Circus stands out, where you can dive among numerous caves and beautiful corals.

4. Tour Marigot, capital of the French part of the island of Saint Martin

Marigot Bay on the island of St. Martin
Marigot Bay – Simon Dannhauer

Marigot was born as a fishing village built on a swamp. It was not until the reign of Louis XVI when it acquired certain importance, as the French king ordered the erection of the impressive fort of San Luis, located on a hill above the bay and the main tourist attraction of the place in question.

It is equally recommended to visit the church of San Martín de Tours in the French city, which follows the Roman or Latin rite and dates from 1941, although its chapel was added later. More specifically, in 1971, when the religious building underwent a process of expansion.

On Wednesdays and Saturdays you can also stroll through a local market that sells products from the neighboring islands: from various fresh foods to handicrafts such as jewelry made with coral. Their hours are from six in the morning to one in the afternoon, so you must leave early. 

5. Taste the gastronomy of Grand-Case

Dish of Caribbean gastronomy on the island of San Martín
Caribbean cuisine – thierry dehove

Grand-Case is a municipality that is considered the gastronomic capital of the Caribbean. Therefore, it is highly recommended to go to the place to taste the flavors of the local cuisine, starting with the roast ribs, the specialty of the island of San Martín, and chicken. All this is done in open-air kiosks.

Before or after the gastronomic tasting, which combines French cuisine with Antillean flavors, you can also walk through the town to contemplate its colorful wooden houses surrounded by hibiscus; participate in some activity to the rhythm of jazz and Caribbean melodies; or get to know the local culture and crafts.

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