4 Essential Things To See In Balmaseda

4 essential things to see in Balmaseda

All the towns and cities of the Basque Country have a special charm that makes them unique. And in the middle of the forests and rocks of Biscay, Balmaseda is hidden. A beautiful town that welcomes us in the mist more similar to a magical and fictional kingdom than to a real space. There is much to enjoy and much to see in Balmaseda. We want to show you.

The history of this town goes back so much in time that, rather than contemplating facts, it seems that it has created them. Its monumental and cultural heritage does not leave anyone who visits it indifferent. Let’s get to know a little more about its artistic and natural environment. Let us be dazzled by its leisure and entertainment offer to discover all the things to see in Balmaseda .

Museums to see in Balmaseda

Interpretation Center of the Passion of Balmaseda

Church of San Severino, one of the places to see in Balmaseda
Church of San Severino – Zarateman / commons.wikimedia.org

Among many other things, Balmaseda is known for its Holy Week, specifically for the celebration of a living Via Crucis starring residents of the town. If you can’t live it, you can learn more about it at the Balmaseda Passion Interpretation Center.

Here different workshops are held and various exhibitions of ancient steps or still in use, clothing, objects, etc. are exhibited. It is in the convent of Santa Clara. A place founded thanks to the generous donation that a native born Indian made in the 17th century.

Both the interior and the exterior facade are simple in appearance and scarcely decorated. However, it has some beautiful altarpieces dating from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. A magnificent portrait of the saint who protects it will receive us from the highest part of the entrance.

Encartaciones Museum

Museums of Las Encartaciones, one of the things to see in Avellaneda
Encartaciones Museum – Etxaburu / commons.wikimedia.org

What is now known as the Museum of Encartaciones was a long time ago the Casa de Juntas de Avellaneda. As soon as we arrive at its doors, its spectacular architecture will welcome us, making us feel like travelers of yesteryear from distant regions.

With its fortified castle-like appearance, it is one of the most emblematic and beloved buildings in the region. The exact century of its construction is unknown. In fact, there is also no record of what its original appearance was. It was not until the 20th century when it received that medieval air that has made it so famous.

Under its roof the history of the town is revealed from a different point of view than we are used to. There we are presented with an extremely detailed chronology. Thanks to it we will understand how these lands have evolved socially, economically and politically.

Magnificent natural spaces

Balmaseda Mountains
Balmaseda – Iván Ruano Monjas / Flickr.com

The inhabitants of Balmaseda make daily use and enjoyment of the mountainous spaces that surround the town. And it is that Balmaseda has a fabulous environment of mountains and green valleys that you have to enjoy when you get here.

Mount Kolitza is the highest peak in the surrounding area. An excursion to its summit is highly recommended. If we have the opportunity to carry it out on the day of Pentecost, all the better. So we can be part of the festivities that take place there on these dates. The same happens during the summer in the so-called Fiestas de San Roque.

But this is not all. A multitude of groves, gardens and parks will welcome us around this town. Without a doubt, an incomparable natural spectacle that must be seen in Balmaseda and, above all, that must be enjoyed.

Monuments to see in Balmaseda

Old Bridge, a place to see in Balmaseda
Old Bridge – amaianos / Flickr.com

The Old Bridge is the oldest witness to the evolution of this town. Its gothic sides sit on the banks of the Cadagua River. But the curious thing about its shape comes from the immense tower that rises towards the sky almost in the center.

The churches of San Severino and San Juan Bautista are also worth a visit. The first in ashlar and the second in a Gothic-Renaissance style. As a curiosity, the mortal remains of the martyr Saint Boniface are kept in the latter.

The same happens with the baroque style that will surprise us in the Town Hall. The palaces of Urrutia and Horcasitas are two other must-see places in Balmaseda that you should not miss on your visit to one of the most charming villas in the Basque Country.

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