4 Destinations For Cheap Holidays

4 destinations for cheap holidays

If we want to travel, but we don’t want to spend a lot, there are places where we can go. If you want to enjoy yourself without leaving as much money as in many northern European cities, take note of the ideal places to enjoy a cheap vacation. In addition to this, you will be able to know some countries with rich history and that are far from the typical destinations that everyone knows. We started!

Cheap vacation destinations 

1. Sarajevo, Bosnia

This city, when it belonged to the former Yugoslavia, hosted the Winter Olympics in 1984. A wonderful place to go skiing, as you have Mount Jahorina to do it at an affordable price. In summer you have a natural area in the surroundings of great charm.

Sarajevo, city for cheap holidays
Sarajevo – Béatrice BDM / Flickr.com

The historical center of Ottoman origin of the city is worth visiting. And we cannot forget about history because in Sarajevo the traces of the site to the city in 1992 are still very present. If you want to learn more about the war, it is worth visiting the Tunnel Museum, built on the real tunnel that was responsible for supplying the besieged city with food and medicine.

Very close you can go hiking. A small town called Lukomir stands out, located on Mount Bjelasnica. Houses made of stone and wooden roofs are the protagonists in an authentically rural environment.

2. Lviv, Ukraine

Lvivi in ​​Ukraine, place to for cheap holidays
Lviv – Artur Synenko

One of the most important cities in the country. The Rynok Square stands out, where in summer people can be seen next to the fountains that are richly adorned with scenes from ancient Greece and Rome. Just a few meters away is the Boyim chapel, where you will be able to find many terraces and bars at really cheap prices.

A place that you should not miss is the Café del Mundo. It offers many types of coffee and a very rich decoration. And you shouldn’t miss Lviv Castle either, it has spectacular views of the entire city.

We tend to associate the Opera with luxury. But it will be something more affordable for us if we travel to this city. The one in Lviv is worth a visit. Music and folklore are very present in this city, where you can find them in many streets where street performances stand out.

Yerevan, Armenia

Erevan in Armenia for a cheap holiday
Yarevan – ReflectedSerendipity / Flickr.com

A city that we could say is a circulatory chaos. However, it has many monuments and very affordable prices. It is worth strolling along the Avenida del Norte, pedestrian-friendly, where you can go from the Opera to the fountains that are in the Plaza de la República.

During the day, you can see the huge buildings from Soviet times. At night, the gray of the buildings is transformed into the color that the water and light shows give them.

Yerevan is known as the “Pink City” for the large number of buildings in this color. Apart from this, you can find many cafes and terraces where you can try lamehjun (Armenian pizza).

We are facing a city that has suffered many wars. It was rebuilt for the most part, so it is about a hundred years old. The oldest areas can be found in the suburbs, near the Hrazdan river and its grand canyon.

4. Sofia, Bulgaria

Sofia Cathedral in Bulgaria
Alexander Nevski Cathedral, Sofia – SF

Another country, in this case the European Union, which is also quite inexpensive for a cheap vacation. The main monument is the Alexander Nevski Cathedral. It is a good getaway in winter, where, in addition to visiting its cathedral, you can ice skating on the famous Lake Ariana.

The city is surrounded by great mountains, so it is advisable to spend some day taking an excursion to these areas. There you can ski at cheap prices  and you can enjoy the many cheap spas that exist and without skimping on quality.

As you can see, they are cities with history, places that give us the opportunity to get to know different countries and cultures. Traveling is not just about going to see Paris or London. The world is huge and, for relatively little money, we can enjoy cheap and attractive vacations.

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