20 Reasons To Travel To The Alps

20 reasons to travel to the Alps

Snowy mountains, the possibility of skiing or the option of being in three countries almost at the same time are enough reasons to want to travel to the Alps. But, in case they are not enough, we propose some more reasons for you to decide to visit this beautiful place in the middle of Europe.

The Alps , a fantastic destination

It is one of the most important mountain ranges in the world and is located in the center of Europe. The highest summit reaches 4810 meters high, it is Mont Blanc. The rivers that cross the region also allow for thousands of hectares of cultivation.

The Alps are between 245 and 65 million years old and formed after folding in the Cenozoic. It is known as the “four-thousand” chain because its highest mountains exceed 4,000 meters.

Aletsch Glacier in the Alps
Aletsch Glacier – Maurus Spescha

As if that were not enough, we can enjoy several glaciers throughout the mountain range. The most prominent are Aletsch, Gorner, Argentiere, de Glace and des Bossons. The climate here is adverse in winter but pleasant in summer, although it all depends on the winds and altitudes.

It is known that in ancient times various peoples settled in the Alps, including the Celts, the Burgundians, the Leucos, the Lombards, the Helvetians, the Germans and the Italians. There are currently about 14 million people living in 8 countries: France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Monaco, Slovenia, Germany and Liechtenstein.

Reasons to go to the Alps

If with all the data we have collected for you you still have not been convinced, here we give you more reasons for you to explore the Alps :

1. A large number of wild animals coexist in the area (bears, goats and salamanders)

2. The Alps occupy more than a tenth of the European surface.

3. The climate is very diverse. In the south it is warm, on the shores of the Mediterranean it is warm, but in the center and north it is cold all year round.

4. You can enjoy hiking in summer and discover corners of incredible beauty. You will be amazed by the wonderful landscapes of lakes, mountains and glaciers.

Bachalpsee in Switzerland
Bachalpsee – Boris-B

5. In winter you can ski in any of the most exclusive ski centers in Europe. What’s more, here you will find the largest skiable glacier in Europe. And you can also visit the first venue of the Winter Olympics, in Charmonix.

6. Alpine rivers provide 90% of the region’s drinking water.

7. It is a kind of barrier or natural limit to reach Italy.

8. Many of the peaks belonged to the African tectonic plate and were formed after the collision with the European one.

9. It has highways between mountains that take you wherever you want. Any of them, in addition, will offer you impressive landscapes.

AlpspiX viewpoint
AlpspX Lookout, Germany -Michael Lux / Flickr.com

10. You can defy vertigo by enjoying wonderful views from viewpoints hundreds of meters high. We only give you two ideas: Chamonix Skywalk and Aiguille du Midi. The latter is a glass box, not suitable for the fearful.

11. The Alps have also been the scene of historical events, the Carthaginian general Hannibal marched with an army aboard elephants between the mountains.

12. Farmers still preserve their traditions of yesteryear.

13. It has the longest railway tunnel in the world, through the Gotthard massif and is 57 kilometers long.

Matterhorn in the Alps
Matterhorn – Jaro68

14. You can go up on the Glacier Express, the slowest train in the world, but it offers an unbeatable route. It takes almost eight hours to make the journey between Zermatt and St. Moritz, crossing the Alps via 91 tunnels and 291 bridges.

15. If you go in summer you will see how the cows graze with complete peace of mind.

16. A 5000-year-old mummified man has been found on an Austro-Italian glacier.

17. You will taste delicious cheeses and dairy products.

18. You will be one of the 120 million annual visitors to the Alps.

19. You will learn about agriculture and the wood industry.

20. You will be able to practice different languages ​​and visit several countries.

Lake Achensee in the Alps
Lake Achensee, Austria – Michael Thaler

If with all this we have not convinced you, we no longer know what else can amaze you in this world. What if we told you that you have the possibility of traveling by train along Lake Leman in Switzerland, crossing a suspension bridge suspended between the peaks of two mountains or eating in front of the legendary “Devil’s Rock”?

Or that in the Alps you can take a gondola from the last century, descend a 7-kilometer track aboard a sled at night or ride a horse through the snow? Surely now you have said yes! As you can see, there are more than enough reasons to prepare a trip to the Alps.

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