12 Beautiful Places To See In Galicia

12 beautiful places you must see in Galicia

Galicia is an autonomous community full of natural beauty, charming towns, impressive architecture and magical corners. There are thousands of sites that are worth visiting. We have chosen just a few, but all of these are must-see places in Galicia, without exception.

1. Places to see in Galicia: Tui

Tui Cathedral
Tui Cathedral – villorejo

On the border with Portugal, on the other side of the well-known river Miño, you have Tui, a beautiful town that was the capital of one of the 7 provinces of the former Kingdom of Galicia. Its streets with medieval airs and its beautiful old town are well worth a visit.

2. Mount Santa Tecla

Located in the municipality of La Guardia, from this mountain you can have spectacular views of the mouth of the Miño and enjoy its beautiful hermitage. You can also see in it an ancient Celtic fort.

3. Parador de Bayona

It is an old walled enclosure that has surprising corners that will make you fall in love. You can see the entire coast from it while having a coffee on some of the wonderful terraces. A walk along its wall with the sea in the background is a must and one of the most beautiful things to see in Galicia.

4. Cíes Islands

Cíes Islands one of the places to see in Galicia
Rodas Beach, Cíes Islands – Víctor Gómez / Flickr.com

These islands are a beautiful paradise at the exit of the Vigo estuary, a place where you can enjoy nature in its purest state. What we must advise is that you buy the ticket in advance, since only 2,200 visitors are allowed daily, so it is easy to stay out if you do not book in advance.

5. Viewpoint of the Castro park in Vigo

From here you will have the best panoramic view of Vigo and its estuary, as this fortification rises above Monte del Castro, the highest place in the area. The beauty that you will see from this point will create an indelible image in your mind.

6. Combarro

Combarro, one of the towns that must be seen in Galicia
Combarro -colors

In this town it seems that time has stopped. You will find it very close to Pontevedra and its granaries and stone crosses, along with its beautiful and old architecture, are its main attraction. Do not forget to walk through its beautiful streets, which will show you its most beautiful corners.

7. La Lanzada Beach

Galicia’s beaches are one of the most beautiful in Spain, but without a doubt, one of the most beautiful is La Lanzada. It is a virgin and protected natural space that will dazzle you. Two kilometers of fine white sands that will make you enjoy a great beach day.

8. Santiago de Compostela

Santaigo de Compostela, one of the places to see in Galicia
Santiago de Compostela – Sergey Golotvin

You cannot leave Galicia without visiting the city of Santiago, a city full of history always wrapped in a great atmosphere, no matter what time of year it is. Its huge and beautiful cathedral where the remains of the Apostle Santiago are located is an essential visit, although there is much more to enjoy in the city.

9. Finisterre Lighthouse

This lighthouse, in addition to how beautiful it is and the wonderful views that you will get from it, has great symbolic value. Formerly this place was considered the end of the earth and is the last point of the famous Camino de Santiago. Be sure to see the Parish Church of Santa María de las Arenas, just outside the town of Finisterre.

10. Tower of Hercules

Hercules Tower in Galicia
Tower of Hercules – Hector Ruiz Villar

It is the oldest working lighthouse in the world. Built in Roman times, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can participate in a theatrical visit in which they will tell you all the myths and legends that surround this tower.  And look at the mosaic that is at his feet and represents the compass rose.

11. Fishing port of Malpica

In Malpica is one of the most beautiful and picturesque fishing villages in all of Galicia. In addition, the town is indeed a beauty for its houses located on the mountain, which seem to fall like a waterfall. The port, despite the years, is still in operation.

12. Las Catedrales Beach

Cathedrals Beach in Galicia
Cathedrals Beach – Pedro Mena / Flickr.com

It is one of the most incredible beaches that you can visit, with its spectacular stone arches that rise above the sand. Of course, in seasons of great tourist influx, access is limited. You will have to book in advance.

This is just a small sample of everything there is to see in Galicia, a community full of treasures that are worth discovering and enjoying.

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