10 Spanish Monuments You Must Visit

10 Spanish monuments you must visit

Spain is a country of enormous culture and a long history that, how could it be otherwise, is reflected in spectacular constructions. Choosing just a few is very difficult, but these 10 Spanish monuments have something that makes them special, which is why they are an essential visit. From different times and with different functions, they are wonderful. Do you want to see them?

1. Wonderful Spanish monuments : the Alhambra in Granada

Alhambra of Granada
Alhambra of Granada – Cezary Wojtkowski / Shutterstock.com

Impossible to forget the impression that the Alhambra causes when it is seen for the first time. Palaces, towers, courtyards and gardens make up one of the most beautiful architectural ensembles imaginable. Its location, its shapes and the details of its decoration make it the great jewel of Nasrid art.

2. The Giralda of Seville

Cathedrals of Spain: Seville
Seville Cathedral – Sergio Gutierrez Getino

Elegant and slender, it is the minaret of an old mosque, today the bell tower of the cathedral. Such is its beauty that over the centuries it has served as a model for many other towers. It is essential to admire it from the ground, but also to climb to the top to contemplate Seville. Of course, the visit should be completed with that of the cathedral and that of the nearby fortress, another gem.

3. Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba

Mosque of Córdoba, one of the most beautiful Spanish monuments
Cordoba Mosque – Sean Pavone / Shutterstock.com

Spain is rich in Arabic architecture, and this is another of the jewels that we can admire. Its forest of double arched columns and its beautiful mihrab make this one of the most beautiful Spanish monuments. Beautiful and significant, since the cathedral nave was built inside. Two worlds, two cultures and two religions in the same space.

4. Roman theater in Mérida

Roman theater of Mérida
Roman theater of Mérida- Iakov Filimonov

It seems incredible that a jewel like this could have remained hidden for centuries, but it was. After the decline of the Roman Empire this magnificent theater was forgotten and ended up buried. It was in 1910 when excavations began to bring this wonder to light again, that two thousand years after its construction it returned to serve as a theatrical stage.

5. Monastery of El Escorial

Monastery of El Escorial
Monastery of El Escorial – Marques

Simply impressive with its more than 200 meters of facade. Philip II ordered it to be built and it is in itself an art treatise. Sober on the outside, but with treasures of immense value inside, such as the library. In the crypt of the basilica rest the remains of almost all the Spanish kings since Carlos I.

6. Wall of Ávila

Wall of Ávila, one of the most beautiful Spanish monuments
Walls of Avila – Iakov Filimonov

It is the best preserved walled enclosure in the world. It was built between the 11th and 14th centuries and in its 2.5 kilometers of canvas you can see 87 towers and 9 doors, in addition to the cathedral, embedded in one of its walls. A curiosity: in the 19th century there were voices calling for its demolition to expand the city. Fortunately, lack of resources prevented it.

7. Aqueduct of Segovia

Aqueduct, one of the places to see in Segovia
Aqueduct of Segovia – Marques

It is one of the most incredible engineering works of the Roman Empire that has survived to this day. 15 kilometers in length and 166 arches to carry water from the mountains to Segovia. Not only its dimensions are surprising, but that it has reached our days, taking into account that its ashlars are not joined by mortar. One of the most incredible Spanish monuments, without a doubt.

8. Burgos Cathedral

Spanish cathedrals: Burgos
Burgos Cathedral – ppl

In Spain there are magnificent cathedrals, many of them Gothic, but the one in Burgos is special. It is due to its careful layout, the elegance of its lines and the perfection of its elements. But it is not only beautiful on the outside, inside there are jewels such as the Chapel of the Constable, the golden staircase or the tomb of the Cid. A magnificent building that began to be built in the 13th century.

9. Sagrada Familia of Barcelona

Charming cities in Spain: Sagrada Familia in Barcelona
Sagrada Familia, Barcelona – Patrice_Audet / Pixabay.com

Masterpiece of modernism and Antonio Gaudí. So beautiful that even unfinished it is spectacular. Beautiful on the outside, with its towers and facades in which there are no straight lines. And also inside, with a spectacular network of columns that recall the forms of nature and a special light that enters through its stained glass windows, creating a magical atmosphere.

10. Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela

Santaigo de Compostela, one of the charming cities of Spain
Santiago de Compostela – Sergey Golotvin

Our tour of wonderful Spanish monuments ends in the place where thousands of pilgrims arrive each year. The Cathedral of Santiago, with its spectacular Baroque façade, hides many treasures. One of them is a marvelous Romanesque portico, another the main chapel and, one more, how could it be otherwise, the tomb of the apostle.

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