10 Car Museums For Motor Enthusiasts

If you like cars, these museums are going to enchant you. All propose a fantastic journey through the history of the automotive industry with legendary vehicles.
10 car museums for motor racing fans

If you like cars, if you enjoy driving or are one of those who follows any Formula 1 race, do not miss what we are going to show you. If you are one of those motor racing lovers, you will enjoy yourself almost like a child in these car museums. We started!

 1. Car museums : Porsche Museum, Sttutgart (Germany)

Porsche Museum in Stuttgart
Porsche Museum – oalfonso / Flickr.com

Here you can see some of the most fabulous vehicles of the brand, including the 911 GT1 that won at Le Mans in 1998 or the spectacular 917K. There are also curious cars, such as the first Beetle, designed by Ferdinand Porsche on behalf of Adolf Hitler, who wanted to make an economical car available to the people.

2. Mercedes Museum, Sttutgart (Germany)

Mercedes Museum in Stuttgart
Mercedes Museum – David KK / Flickr.com

A wonderful walk through the history of more than 130 years of the automotive industry. In this museum you can admire jewels such as the Daimler Ridihg Car from 1885, the first gasoline vehicle to circulate in the world. Or the Lightining Benz, which reached the astonishing speed of 228 km / h in 1909. And, alongside them, limousines, fire engines and even a popemobile. A paradise for motor racing enthusiasts.

3. BMV Museum, Munich (Germany)

BMV Museum in Munich
BMW Museum – maduarte / Flickr.com

A futuristic museum of steel and glass like few others that houses a fabulous collection of vehicles. Here you can see 120 jewels, from motorcycles to racing or utility cars that have been a symbol of the brand since its creation in 1923. You can also see aircraft turbines, some prototypes and even a Z3 made for the James Bond movie Golden Eye .

4. Cité de l’Automobile, Mulhouse (France)

Cité de l'Automobile
Cité de l’Automobile – Koen Schepers / Flickr.com

In this place you can visit the spectacular Schlumpf collection, made up of more than 500 cars manufactured since 1878. Vehicles of every imaginable brand. A true dream for motor racing enthusiasts, because its facilities display the largest Bugatti collection in the world, as well as a wide collection of racing cars, rally cars or the so-called “first” cars.

5. Donington Grand Prix Collection (England)

Car Museums, Donington Grand Prix Collection
Donington Grand Prix Collection – Ben Sutherland / Flickr.com

Speed ​​is the main protagonist of this museum, which displays the largest collection of F1 cars in the world. Here you can admire complete collections of Williams and McLaren, also the car with which Ayrton Senna won the 1993 European GP and of course there are also some Ferraris. In total 130 vehicles that many have dreamed of driving.

6. Petersen Automotive Museum, Los Angeles (USA)

Petersen Automotive Museum
Petersen Automotive Museum – ATOMIC Hot Links / Flickr.com

It is one of the most famous car museums. It has more than 300 vehicles, although not all of them are exhibited, but they rotate in its 25 exhibition spaces. Here you can see almost mythical cars, like an Aston Martin DB5 that was used in James Bond’s Skyfall . Also a Ferrari 308 GTS Targa that Tom Selleck used in Magnum or a Tomaso Pantera that belonged to Elvis Presley.

7. Simeone Museum, Philadelphia (USA)

Simeone Museum in Philadelphia
Simeone Museum – Peter Miller / Flickr.com

Another fabulous collection of sports and racing cars. In it you can admire 65 vehicles from brands such as Alfa Romero, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Jaguar or Bugatti. Some have competed in prestigious awards, such as Le Mans, which in fact has its own space within the museum.

8. Nissan Heritage Collection, Yokohama (Japan)

Nissan Heritage Collection
Nissan Heritage Collection – USARJ NCO CORPS / Flickr.com

This warehouse located in a factory near Yokohama, Japan, houses around 400 vehicles that represent the history of Nissan in the last hundred years. In the collection there are both utility vehicles and competition vehicles. Of course, access to this magnificent collection is very restricted.

9. Automobile and Fashion Museum, Malaga (Spain)

Automobile and Fashion Museum of Malaga
Automobile and Fashion Museum – Haddhar / Flickr.com

Also in Spain there are car museums that delight motor enthusiasts. Este de Málaga shows a collection of the most cinematographic, with some of those models that we have fallen in love with in the cinema. Vehicles from brands such as Bugatti, Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Jaguar or Mercedes-Benz. And some really wonderful Cadillacs too.

10. The Museum of Automotive History, Salamanca (Spain)

Salamanca Automotive History Museum
Salamanca Automotive History Museum – Pepe / Flickr.com

The base of this museum is the collection of Demetrio Gómez Planche, one of the great motor lovers that Spain has had and who throughout his life sought, recovered and restored vehicles that have made history. In this museum, for example, you can see a Hispano-Suiza from 1930 that has not been retouched, or some vehicles of heads of state.

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Cover photo: Rudi Langer / Flickr.com

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